CanberraYou can rely on our experienced lawyers and our firm’s established reputation.

Personal injury litigation in the ACT is a highly specialised area. Our experts know how to get you the best outcome in a complex system.

Blumers is an established Canberra firm of solicitors with extensive experience in all aspects of personal injury. Our solicitors have developed their skills and knowledge from years of practice and have seen cases at every stage, from the date of injury through to hearing and appeal.

At Blumers you get the best of both worlds. Our clients each have a dedicated solicitor who works with them from start to finish. As a Blumers client you can contact your solicitor directly by phone or email to discuss your case and ask questions. At the same time you benefit from our team approach as our experienced solicitors work together to identify all the options for our clients.

We don’t farm our cases out to other offices in capital cities. If you are a Blumers client your solicitor is right here in Canberra and you can make an appointment to see them in person.