CanberraWe never do work for insurance companies. We work for humans, not companies.  You always know we are on your side. Personal injury claims are all we do, and we never act for the ‘other side’.

Blumers solicitors pride themselves on their cutting edge education. Our solicitors regularly attend conferences and seminars to ensure we provide on the best and most up to date legal advice possible.

We don’t overload our solicitors with so many files that they can’t remember who you are or what your claim is about.

Personal injury is a specialist area and our solicitors make sure they have sufficient basic medical knowledge to understand the claims we handle. We do this by attending specialised training and seminars from doctors and surgeons.

As specialists we get it done quickly. You avoid unnecessary costs and wasted time.  The difference between a specialist lawyer who only acts for injured people and a lawyer who is more general can really be seen when you look at our statistics and in our extremely high level of client satisfaction. A large number of our clients have referred their friends and relatives to us.