CanberraAt Blumers we get started straight away. We don’t receive your claim and then leave it for a few years before starting to help you.

 You can see our record of achieving great outcomes for more clients in less time.  Our experience shows that quicker service leads to better results.

We keep a close eye on how many files our solicitors manage, which means we are thorough and finish claims quickly.   We get great outcomes for our clients and have the statistics to show it.

Our average time from start to conclusion
ACT motor accidents 18 Months
NSW motor accidents 25 Months
ACT Workers compensation 21 Months
Medical negligence 24 Months
Public liability 28 Months


It goes without saying that these are average figures.  Some cases take less time, some take more.  Some take much longer because of the many factors we can’t control such as a long recovery from a very serious injury.