From time to time, food outlets serve food which makes their customers sick.

Some establishments have been shut down for breaching food safety regulations, a step taken by the government to try to prevent food poisoning outbreaks.  We are lucky to live somewhere food safety is taken seriously and obviously the majority of establishments play by the rules and patrons can dine without cause for concern.

Supermarkets, butchers and other food vendors are also heavily regulated and shoppers can usually do their grocery shopping with no trouble at all.

It is important to remember that, on the whole, any establishments which do fall foul of the regulations are genuinely remorseful and take every measure possible to improve their practices.

What can be done if you do suffer food poisoning from a commercial food establishment?

  1. Seek whatever treatment is necessary and ask your doctor or hospital to report your illness to ACT Health;
  2. Keep proof of purchase (receipts, credit card statements), treatment receipts and wage records showing any sick leave or time lost from work that you suffer;
  3. You must notify a possible claim to the food outlet within certain time frames, so it is important to contact us early to establish when that has to happen.  We can also start to secure the evidence necessary to prove your case.
  4. Early notification might even assist in securing the CCTV footage of you coming and going from the food outlet on the day you allege you purchased the tainted product.
  5. We would request reports from your treatment providers, and possibly also external experts, to establish just what damage you have suffered and we would then be able to make an assessment of your claim and try to resolve it with the food outlet, or most likely their public liability insurer.

Eating out and shopping for your groceries is a luxury so why shouldn’t you enjoy it? It is also fortunate that in the event you do experience food poisoning or related illness, there are mechanisms in place to assist your recovery and prevent it happening again. Reporting it is important to maintain a safe standard for the community. If you think you may have a claim, call us to discuss on 6208 2600.