If you don’t win, you don’t pay

//If you don’t win, you don’t pay
If you don’t win, you don’t pay 2018-01-03T17:33:43+00:00

CanberraYou can pursue your claim without worrying about fees when you’re a Blumers client.

Our contract is easy to understand. We explain all the details at our first appointment and you take the contract home to think about in your own time.

There are two kinds of money that get spent when you pursue a personal injury claim. Money is spent on the professional costs, that is, the time the lawyer and their support team spend on your claim. Money is also spent on the disbursements, that is, the money we have to send out of our office to make things happen in a claim. This is usually expenses like medical reports from specialist doctors or fees that must be paid to the Court.

At the end of every matter we provide detailed costs and disbursements information and fully account to our client. Blumers never pad their fees with excessive photocopying or unnecessary phone calls. We only charge for the work we do, and we precisely record all our work as we do it.

In personal injury litigation there is a principle that if your claim is successful the defendant pays some of your legal costs and disbursements because if they had done the right thing in the first place you wouldn’t have needed a lawyer at all! It works like the Medicare gap. You only pay the difference between what the defendant paid and our total fees. In our experience the defendant usually pays for most of the disbursements and 50% or more of our full professional costs. In legal terms the amount the defendant pays is “called party/party costs” and the total bill for our professional costs is called “solicitor/client costs”.

There are no guarantees in litigation and sometimes cases are not successful.  As a Blumers client you will receive carefully considered advice specific  to your case from your dedicated solicitor so you can make an informed choice about your case. We will give you professional and honest appraisals of your prospects of success as your claim progresses and will be there with you to identify any risks going forward.

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