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CanberraThere is a special relationship of trust between a patient and their treatment provider. When things go wrong it can feel like that trust has been betrayed.

Most treatment providers are diligent, competent and worthy of the trust their patients place in them. Unfortunately, mistakes do happen and sometimes these mistakes are negligent.

Blumers solicitors are experienced in handling complex medical negligence claims. We will explain the technical aspects of the claim in easy to understand language and handle your claim with the sensitivity required in these difficult situations.

There is a difference between an adverse outcome and negligence. An adverse outcome is an outcome that was not intended or desirable, but none the less a known risk or complication from treatment. Negligence can be found when a medical professional has failed to treat, or treated in a manner that was not appropriate for the circumstances in the eyes of another practitioner.

If you have suffered as a result of the actions or inactions by a medical treatment provider you may have a claim for medical negligence.

The law relating to medical negligence is complex and requires significant investigations and expert medical opinion.

The greatest difficulty in making a successful medical negligence claim is determining the difference between what did happen and what should have happened.

It is important that you obtain advice at an early stage as to whether or not you have a claim and the time limits that will apply to that claim.

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