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Blumers first ACT firm to lodge to e-file

The dawn of a new era was heralded on Friday 20 March 2020, when court proceedings were lodged electronically from the Blumers Canberra office.

Those proceedings were the first to be lodged in the ACT jurisdiction by any firm.

Blumers prides itself on its adaptation to new, efficient technologies and methods to reduce environmental waste. The new filing technology could not have come at a better time, with the entire firm working remotely in response to the risk of COVID-19.

‘Congratulations to everyone in the firm on being the first ever to issue proceedings in the ACT by e-filing,’ director Phil Schubert said.

‘It’s definitely in line with our remote working technology at this time.’

While the current circumstances are not without challenges, this is one silver lining both for the ACT Courts and for the Blumers team, who look forward to being able to continue working for our clients and community.