Building and Construction

Blue collar workers are the backbone of Australia but suffer the most injuries at work.

Blumers lawyers have acted in all kinds of workplace accident claims from concrete screeding to roof tiling to working with scaffolds.

If a worker is injured on a construction site there is often more than one company or person who was negligent. It is crucial that all responsible companies are identified immediately as strict time limits apply.

What to do?

  • See your doctor and obtain a workers compensation medical certificate.
  • Ask your employer for a claim form.
  • Call Blumers now or book an appointment.

Blumers will help with all the next steps, keeping a low profile when necessary.  It is important to identify, record and preserve the evidence as soon as possible.

If in doubt, contact Blumers.


Have you been injured?

Get in touch with a member of our Inquiries Team for a no charge assessment of your claim.

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