Case Studies

Vasectomy gone wrong

This video represents a real case. For privacy, the names of the people were changed and professional actors were used.

Tom’s story is based on a real case of a failed procedure which resulted in permanent damage.

Tom went into hospital for a routine vasectomy. He was told to expect some discomfort for a few days after the surgery, but Tom was in severe pain and it only got worse. He returned to the hospital because of the pain and it was discovered that blood was not flowing into one of his testicles.

It was discovered that the urologist had severed a nerve during the surgery. The only option available was to remove the a ected testicle.

Tom was first unsure if it was just one of those things or he had a case for medical negligence. After getting in touch with a lawyer, he was assured that he had a case and was successful in receiving fair compensation.