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Going on compo is the tough thing to do


Australia is a lucky country. We have the sun, rich deposits of natural resources and more importantly: workers compensation insurance. The system is there for a reason – to help you.

There’s a lot to be said for ‘getting on with it’ after a workplace injury, and we all just want to get in and get the job done. However, sometimes not getting the treatment and support you need could set you back years.

Workers compensation will meet your needs, helping pay for treatment and time taken off work. The point of workers compensation is to get you back to where you were before you were injured. It isn’t about a few months off to catch up on Netflix, it’s about helping you get back to your pre-injury self. The point of the time off is to allow your body to rest, heal and respond to whatever treatment is necessary to get you there.

Living with pain and a growing pile of bills is not only a good way to cause you and your family stress, it’s unnecessary. Workers compensation insurance will help support you through times like these, to keep your income on track so you and your family can keep on keeping on while you’re recovering from injury.

Workers compensation isn’t for whingers or bludgers – it’s for normal, everyday people who have been injured and just want to get back to it. In Australia, we are privileged to have a system like this that supports us and our families during tough times.

It’s not tough to put up with it. The tough thing to do is to protect your rights. Do the right thing by yourself and your family. Contact us to discuss your rights, 6208 2600.