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How are fees for my claim charged?

Solicitors are entitled to charge fair and reasonable fees for work done on any claim. Fees are regulated by the Legal Profession Act 2006 (ACT) and in some instances, such as workers compensation claims, by fee scales.

At Blumers, we record and track the time we spend on our clients’ cases carefully using our Lawmaster case management software. This allows us to give accurate bills without guesswork. We find it is also helpful when recovering costs from the other side at the successful conclusion of your case.

Our team of paralegals (mostly university law students) carry out more time-consuming work, such as research and drafting, as the cost of their work is charged at a lower hourly rate than that of a solicitor.

We try to keep costs down by only getting in touch when we need to. Of course, we welcome hearing from our clients when they have an update but we don’t like to rack up costs by calling just to have a chat.

We also have systems in place that mean when your lawyer goes on holiday, work on your claim doesn’t stop.

At Blumers, we are committed to providing our clients high-quality service and professionalism. We are also committed to ensuring they get the compensation they deserve.

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