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How can my GP help me with my claim?

General Injury

How can your GP help with your claim?

We have previously given insights into whether employers can attend clients’ medical appointments. The bottom line is everybody is entitled to private consultations with a doctor of their own choosing.

So if you have a GP you trust, how can they help with a claim?

Motor accident

  • They can complete a motor accident medical report.
  • They can also write referrals for all necessary treatment and specify that it is related to the motor accident.

Both the report and referrals can then be provided to the relevant insurer, who can approve treatment to get you back to where you were before the accident.

Injuries at work

It’s worth noting some doctors may still be using ACT workers compensation medical certificates. The link above is to a ‘certificate for capacity for work’ which we think is slightly easier to read through, and easier to ensure the correct information is included.

Your GP is who you should contact if symptoms flare up or if you start to experience other symptoms. It may be you require further treatment and your GP will be able to make that assessment, and any referrals they believe are necessary.