PODCAST: Managing media in high-profile cases, Noor Blumer and The Lawyers Weekly Show

Managing media in high-profile cases 


On this special episode of The Lawyers Weekly Show, produced in partnership with Blumers Personal Injury Lawyers, we delve into the practice management hurdles that can and do arise when representing clients involved in high-profile proceedings

Host Jerome Doraisamy speaks with Blumers director Noor Blumer about the rules and principles guiding lawyers in high-profile proceedings and the extent to which media can or should be engaged, difficulty of such management in the age of social media, balancing media engagement against a client’s best interests and advising clients about best practice.

Ms Blumer also outlines lessons she’s learnt from high-profile cases in the past, her personal experience in such matters, practical steps to take to better control the media narrative, the critical importance of good communication, what lawyers must avoid doing, and how lawyers can learn more about their duties and responsibilities with media.

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