No win, No Fee


‘No Win No Fee’ means you don’t pay us anything if you don’t win your case. Winning includes settling your case with a favorable outcome.
‘You don’t pay us anything’ includes, you don’t pay us for the money we have spent on getting medical and other expert reports and paying court fees and other expenses (called ‘disbursements’).

In almost every case, if we agree to take it on, part of that agreement is that we will outlay all necessary disbursement expenses to bring your case to a successful conclusion.

If you do win, you agree to pay the interest that we have incurred to our bank on the amounts paid for disbursements.

If the case goes to court – which happens in about 10% of cases – and you lose, you will usually be ordered to pay a proportion of the costs of the other side. This is of course a serious issue. Consequently, we will keep you informed about the chances of losing throughout the preparation and negotiation of your case.


Similarly, if you win in court, or by agreement, the other side will usually be ordered to pay a significant part of your costs.
We apply proportionality to our costs. ‘Proportionality’ means that, if charging for all our recorded work done would result in our being paid an unreasonable proportion of the money awarded to you by a court or agreed to be paid by a defendant or their insurer, we will reduce our costs to a reasonable level.

We record all work done in a completely transparent way.

We charge only in accordance with our costs agreement, which is available to be read and signed before we start work on your case.

Your first consultation is free and free of obligation.

There is a dispute mechanism which can be called on if we disagree about your costs at the end of the case.

Our costs regime is designed to remove as much financial stress from your case as possible, and to provide access to justice where it would not otherwise be available.