Medical Negligence

Blumers Personal Injury Lawyers have won or settled some of the largest and most complex medical negligence claims in Australia during the last 20 years. 

Our team of lawyers and clerks are extremely experienced and knowledgeable in medical negligence litigation.

The law relating to medical negligence is complex and requires significant investigation and expert medical opinion which is very expensive. We use both local and international experts when appropriate. We have a facility to fund these ‘disbursements’ and they are subject to our no win no fee agreement, meaning you don’t pay for them unless your case is successful.

Often you are not sure if there has been negligence, but you know something about your medical treatment is not right. Call or book an appointment to discuss your claim as time limits apply.

Birth Trauma

Unfortunately, when medical professionals are providing care for a person giving birth, sometimes mistakes happen.

Medical misdiagnosis

When a medical professional diagnoses – or fails to diagnose - an illness or condition, the consequences of a mistake can be extremely serious.

Medical mishaps

When a medical professional makes a mistake and that mistake is negligent, the person who suffers harm as a result of the mistake will have a claim against the negligent person – or institution.