November 23, 2023

Excellent communication, very professional. I would like to thank Alex Rigon, Noor Blumer and Jim Sainty


October 26, 2023

If you feel you need to have trust in your lawyer, go [to] Blumers.


October 24, 2023

[David and the team] Always kept myself and my partner updated on everything that was happening. ...give yourselves a pat on the back for a job well done.


October 9, 2023

I didn't come with expectations and found everything smooth and professional. Shaynee is pretty cool too...Also the lovely girls from reception.


September 18, 2023

These guys are amazing. Shaynee was so comforting and supportive during the few months I dealt with her and went through so horrible mental health. She made the process so effortless. Thank you Shaynee for all your time and the great support during this time. Thank you for being so supportive.


September 7, 2023

I would like to thank Nicky Speight and her partner for agreeing to take my case and a very big thank you to Rhiannon Doorey for her dedication and always keeping me informed and taking such great interest regarding my health. I am so appreciative. Many Thanks !