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Blumers Personal Injury Lawyers have won or settled some of the largest and most complex medical negligence claims in Australia during the last 20 years. 

No Win No Fee: Medical Negligence Lawyers Perth

Our team of lawyers and clerks are extremely experienced and knowledgeable in medical negligence litigation.

The law relating to medical negligence is complex and requires significant investigation and expert medical opinion which is very expensive. We use both local and international experts when appropriate. We have a facility to fund these ‘disbursements’ and they are subject to our no win no fee agreement, meaning you don’t pay for them unless your case is successful.

Often you are not sure if there has been negligence, but you know something about your medical treatment is not right. Call or book an appointment to discuss your claim as time limits apply.

We Specialise in Medical Negligence Law

We all rely on Western Australia health services to keep us well but when a healthcare professional fails to take reasonable care in providing treatment and makes a mistake, the consequences can be serious. If you have suffered harm as a result of medical negligence, you may be entitled to compensation.

Blumers Personal Injury Lawyers Perth are experts in medical negligence law. Our team of lawyers and clerks will work with you to understand your needs, support you through the legal process and achieve what is right for you following medical negligence.

The law relating to medical negligence is complex and making a medical negligence claim requires detailed investigation and expert medical opinion, which is very expensive. Blumers Perth will look after all expenses along the way and with our no win, no fee agreement you do not pay us anything unless you win your case.


What is Medical Negligence?

Medical negligence occurs when a healthcare professional negligently makes a mistake that causes you harm or injury.  Healthcare professionals owe you, as their patient, a duty of care, which means that they must perform their work to a certain standard. Most Western Australian medical professionals act diligently and competently but mistakes can happen and have a big impact on you and your family.  If medical negligence has occurred, you have a right to compensation.

The law surrounding medical negligence in Western Australia outlines the duties of registered medical professionals to warn of risk, and the standard of care expected.  To make a successful medical negligence claim you must prove that the conduct of the healthcare professional was negligent and that their negligence caused you injury, loss or damage.

It is important to act quickly as medical negligence claims have strict time limits, outlined in the Limitation Act 2005 (WA).  A medical negligence claim must usually be brought within three years of the date when you discovered you may have experienced medical negligence.

 Some examples of medical negligence are:

  • A failure or delay in diagnosing your condition;
  • A failure or delay in providing appropriate treatment or referral for your condition;
  • A failure to correctly report on your test results;
  • A failure to perform your surgery at an appropriate level of skill; and
  • A failure to warn you of risk and obtain your consent.

The law relating to medical negligence is complex and requires significant investigation and expert medical opinion. It is important to seek the advice of a Perth Blumers specialist medical negligence lawyer before pursuing a claim.

Types of Medical Negligence

Medical Misdiagnosis

Medical misdiagnosis occurs when a medical professional incorrectly diagnoses or fails to diagnose an illness or condition.  The consequences of misdiagnosis can be serious.  If you have suffered harm as a result of medical misdiagnosis, you may be entitled to compensation.

Medical Mishaps

Medical mishaps occur when a healthcare professional makes a mistake during medical treatment.  The consequences of medical mishaps can be serious.  If you have suffered harm as a result of a medical mishap, you may be entitled to compensation.

Birth Trauma

Birth trauma can result from mistakes made by healthcare professionals providing care during childbirth.  The consequences of birth trauma can be serious.  If you, or your baby, have suffered birth trauma, you may be entitled to compensation.

Birth Trauma

Unfortunately, when medical professionals are providing care for a person giving birth, sometimes mistakes happen.

Medical misdiagnosis

When a medical professional diagnoses – or fails to diagnose - an illness or condition, the consequences of a mistake can be extremely serious.

Medical mishaps

When a medical professional makes a mistake and that mistake is negligent, the person who suffers harm as a result of the mistake will have a claim against the negligent person – or institution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that I have a medical negligence claim?

If you feel that you may have been injured because of medical negligence, Blumers Lawyers Perth can help to navigate the complex field of medical negligence law for you.  If we agree that you might have a case, we will arrange to meet with you at a time and place that best suits you.  We will listen to your story and advise whether we think you have a claim.

It costs you nothing to make that first contact and talk with us.  If you are not sure that medical negligence has occurred in your case but you feel that something about your treatment was not right, talk to us!

How much does it cost to make a medical negligence claim?

Blumers Perth do not ask for money up front to pay for expert reports and court fees and you do not need to pay us along the way.  We operate on a no win, no fee basis, which means that you do not pay us back unless you win your case. So, there is absolutely nothing to lose by getting in touch with us.

If my medical negligence claim is unsuccessful, do I still have to pay you?

No.  If your case is unsuccessful, you do not have to pay us.

How much compensation can I expect to receive for a medical negligence claim?

Blumers Perth will not be able to answer that question until we have a lot of information about the nature of your claim, the prospects of success and the seriousness of your injuries. We will do our best to give you a general idea.

Will I have to go to Court?

Most claims resolve in conference or at mediation rather than going to Court. We start by notifying your claim and issue court proceedings in a timely manner to protect your interests.  If the insurer is not prepared to pay what your claim is worth, we will proceed to Court.

Will other people know that I am making a medical negligence claim?

The fact that you are a client of ours remains confidential, except for the purposes of dealing with your claim.  If your claim ends up in court, in most cases the information will be publicly available.

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